"Land" Slide

Towering a massive 18 feet, 12 feet where you sit to slide down, this dry slide will surely enhance any party. Trust me, kids of all ages just love to slide.
Land Slide
Rental Cost: Sat. or Sun. - $375.00 per day
Weekdays - $300.00 per day

Price includes: rental, delivery, set-up and insurance.
6.25% MA sales tax is additional.
Requirements: One 20 amp, 110 volt outlet within 100 feet of the inflatable.

A minimum area of 15' x 25'. It must be level, clean, and free of any overhead branches or wires.

Grass is the best surface to operate inflatables on. They can be set-up on blacktop.

One adult to supervise the inflatable at all times.

Capacity: Approximately 150 people per hour.
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